Steel Forest begins a collaborative process reviewing the client's short term and long term objectives in finding, vetting, training, and placing diesel technicians at all skill levels. The initial 1-2 day review includes a strategic overview of the industry, trends, and the client's organization structure, objectives, challenges, and goals/outcomes. Steel Forest provides an initial assessment, recommendations, tools, resources, and services that can support a point solution or expand into a larger strategic roadmap for sourcing, training, and retaining quality diesel technicians long term.

360° Assessment

Steel Forest partners with the worlds leading skilled trades educational partner.  We have a huge library of both entry-level and advanced training solutions.  Our instructional design and educational team will work with you on solutions that best suit you on-going training needs.  

Training & Curriculum

It can happen.  Steel Forest can help you permanently solve your technician shortage.  We will work with you to develop a long-term strategic plan to source, train and advance new diesel technicians.   The technician shortage is bad now and will become catastrophic in the next 5-10 years. We can help you navigate this climate and turn the massive challenge into a strategic advantage for your company. Our goal is to help you bring new technicians into the industry.  Using the right strategies, tools and plans is critical to this endeavor.  

Roadmap / Strategic Planning

Combining video, social media tools and proprietary strategies, Steel Forest has perfected the art of finding suitable candidates who possess the intangibles that every company looks for.  Attitude, aptitude, attendance, mechanical ability and teamwork.   Our media team creates a campaign suited around your company’s particular need, executes the campaign and delivers quality candidates who possess qualities and potential to become entry level diesel technicians. Our SPHM HR Specialist works with you to develop a screening plan, ensuring that you get the exact profile of candidate for whom you are looking.  


Solving for the diesel technician shortage takes an organizational effort and impacts all parts of the organization. There are company nuances that require considerations in the hiring and sustaining processes. Steel Forest supports an organization's complexities around compliance, operations, executive strategy, and change management.

Stakeholders & Influencers