In today’s climate, finding and training diesel mechanics requires new and out of the box thinking.  Our seasoned team of professionals will help guide you every step of the way.


Steel Forest USA provides tools, insights, and resources to evaluate, modify, implement processes, and get optimized results with minimal risks across an organization.  This includes an integrated strategic plan supporting the following functional areas: ​

•    Hiring/Staffing/Training

•    HR/Compliance

•    Service

•    Finance

•    Operations

•    Sales/Marketing

•    Strategy

•    Change Management functions


The first step the in our relationship with you is a deep dive into your client's short term and long-term objectives in finding, vetting and training technicians for your company. The initial 1-2 day review includes a strategic overview of the industry trends, and the client's organization structure, objectives, challenges, and goals/outcomes. Steel Forest provides an initial assessment, recommendations, tools, resources, and services that can support a point solution or expand into a larger strategic roadmap for sourcing, training, and retaining quality diesel technicians long term.

Kenna Ose, VP
Executive Director

Jake Liddic, VP 
Strategic Marketing

Kenna has more than 20 years of experience in education, training, and leadership.  Over the past 10 years, Kenna has focused on the skilled trades markets in an effort to best understand how to find, vet, train, place, and ultimately build a workforce to support skilled trade demands.

Kenna works with organizations to develop growth strategies, execute change, and meet/exceed organizational outcomes.  As an executive leader at several information and technology companies, Kenna led both the for-profit, career college market and the corporate/professional markets.  Critical to her success was the understanding and strategic vision to connect the needed changes between academia and industry, specifically in the skilled traded areas.

Aside from a technician shortage across markets like transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing, there is a disconnect in the way academic organizations find and train new entrants in the field and a disconnect in the way companies find and train new entrants in the field as well as retain working technicians. Kenna is using her expertise to support organizational change and close the gap in the technician shortage.

Jake is an accomplished young entrepreneur. He has found a keen interest in what has been coined as the 'new digital wave'. As a Business Owner, General Manager, and his more recent work as Marketing Director at American Diesel, his success has stemmed from relieving companies that use antiquated marketing strategies; companies that have been deeply disrupted by the introduction of technology and social media. He has helped multiple organizations with his advanced understanding and implementation of guerrilla marketing techniques to cut wasteful spending and increase the success rate in campaigns with a variety of different goals.

Chris Ellis, VP of Operations at
American Diesel Training 

Tim Spurlock, President of
American Diesel Training

Chris spent the majority of his career as a senior engineer for Paccar, (Kenworth), where managed virtually every production line and had 8 managers and 200 employees under his direction.  A mechanical engineer by trade and also a self taught mechanic, Chris possesses a lean six sigma black belt.  Chris' expertise are operations, all subject matter relating to trucks and training and a broad base of exposure to OEM's and their best practices.  

Tim spent 25 years in educational publishing/technology.  From 2009-2017, Tim managed global sales for CDX, the #1 automotive and truck curriculum company in the world.  He's worked with the largest educational programs in the United States.  Tim's expertise are strategy, recruiting and partnerships.  

Tim co-founded American Diesel Training Centers, with Chris Ellis.  ADTC delivers a one of a kind program, that in 12 weeks of intensive hands-on training produces a proficiently trained entry-level diesel mechanic.  American Diesel Training Centers launched in in 2017 and has graduates working at more than 40 companies, including the best dealers, fleets, waste management, independent shops and travel centers in the United States.  In 2018, ADTC launched a second location in Cincinnati, OH.

Kevin Jesser (Small).png
Kevin Jesser,
Content, Curriculum and Instructional Design

Ian Andrew,

A graduate of the Griffith University of Australia he holds a range of professional and tertiary qualifications in education, engineering, industrial electronics and automotive electrical and electronics. He is a full member of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers and a member of the E-learning Guild.

Kevin has held numerous professional and educational positions throughout his career including those such as: the Director Training for State Fire and Rescue Service, the Assistant Director Training State Corrective Services, IT Manager for large Educational Institutions, State Manager of Australian Technical & Further Education Engineering & Automotive training programs and curriculum, worked as an Educational Training Adviser to the South African Automotive Industry, and as a Technical Teacher for Automotive Electrical.

From November 2012 to November 2016 he became a author/editor and content developer of a number of internationally aclaimed automotive textbooks and e-learning products at Jones and Bartlett Learning LLC for the product line marketed as CDX Automotive Training, used in more than 55 countries worldwide. Kevin has also specialised in training project development and implementation for a range of large corporate customers in South Africa and the Middle East.

Since 2016 he has been working in the area of instructional design for the Queensland Health Department devloping e-learning training programs for health professionals throughout the state.

A graduate of the University of South Australia he holds a range of professional and tertiary qualifications in both education and engineering. He is an Incorporated Engineer holding professional certification as a mechanical engineer. Ian has held numerous professional and educational positions throughout his career including those such as: the Director of an Australian Technical & Further Education College, worked as an Educational Adviser to the South African Government’s Road Transport Industry Training Board, as Assistant State Director, Flexible Delivery-Technology Solutions for TAFE Qld., as the Associate Director, Transport Industries, TAFE Queensland, responsible for all Automotive, Diesel and Heavy Earth Moving, Aviation and Marine training programs in the State of Queensland and as a Coordinator of Education & Training Programs for Australasian Law Enforcement Organizations. He has served on the boards of a number of Industry Organisations and in October 2004, Ian was presented with a special award from the Prime Minister of Australia for his work in assisting developing countries in poverty reduction and progressing sustainable development. From November 2010 to November 2016 he became the Senior Acquisitions Editor at Jones and Bartlett Learning LLC responsible for ongoing acquisition and development of the CDX Brand used in more than 55 countries worldwide and specialised in training project development for a range of large corporate customers in the USA, South Africa and the Middle East. Additionally, and during this time he became an accomplised author/editor of a number of internationally aclaimed automotive textbooks. Since 2016 he has been working in area of Caravan Park and over 50’s Residential Management as a Consultant/Manager in the development of resort maintenance and facitlties management.

Mollie Bentley,

As an experienced HR professional, Mollie Bentley thrives on uncovering obstacles that keep teams from reaching their fullest potential. Finding the most talented candidates, creating and implementing transformative onboarding processes, and coaching leaders in effective retention strategies are just a few of Mollie's passions.

For the last 15 years, Mollie has worked with companies across various industries from Beauty and Cosmetic to Transportation and Environmental Services. Her experience working with skilled and non-skilled labor, exempt and non-exempt employees, and entry-level to senior executives allows her to quickly build relationships with all teams.

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