The impact of unfilled diesel technician jobs has a huge impact on premier fleet, transportation, and transit companies globally. The current state of recruiting, vetting, placing, and retaining diesel technicians is broken and can't scale to meet the needs of technician jobs now and in the future.

In an organization, one functional area cannot bare the burden of changing the process of fully supporting the intake and output of a skilled labor force within the organization.  In current academic models, the program structure, recruiting processes, time to degree or certification completion, and costs become barriers to entry and often barriers to completion and entry into the job market, including loan default.


Emerging models and dialog between industry and academia are changing the broken landscape and there are new ways to get ahead of the diesel technician shortage.  It requires organizations and academic institutions to better understand the recruiting and hiring profiles of incoming technicians.


Take a quick look at the data...


  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (2018) 67,000 new technicians are needed to replace retiring workers by 2022.

  • The U.S.  Bureau and of Labor and Statistics (2018) goes on to say that 75,000 new technicians are needed by 2022 to meet additional demand.

  • On Aug 8, 2018 there were 15,703 diesel mechanic job postings on

  • Tweed (2016) says U.S. schools are producing less than 4,000 diesel technicians per year.

  • Fleming (2016) says United States vocational education system has been decimated over the last 30 years and 65% of high school grads go to some type of post-secondary higher NON skills based education.  Only 25% of these people finish their post-secondary programs.

  • The solution must be driven by industry.  A simple calculation shows that the diesel technician shortage  costs transportation businesses close to $500mm per year in lost revenue and productivity.

Steel Forest USA offers a comprehensive assessment and action plan to organizations interested in solving their diesel technician shortages. Steel Forest USA takes a realistic and aggressive 360 degree approach.

Steel Forest USA provides tools, insights, and resources to evaluate, modify, implement processes, and get optimized results with minimal risks across an organization. We do this because solving your technician shortage takes cross-functional cooperation.

  • Hiring/Staffing/Training

  • HR/Compliance

  • Finance

  • Operations

  • Sales/Marketing

  • Strategy

  • M&A

  • Change Management functions


SF USA is led by experts in recruiting, media development, strategic planning, business optimization and finance, learning and development, instructional design and learning technologies, sales/marketing. We have significant experience in the following transportation verticals:

  • Waste Management and Recycling

  • Package delivery 

  • Over the road trucking

  • Leasing

  • Staffing and outsourcing

  • Travel Centers


As part of the comprehensive 360 degree solutions process, SF USA also supports a host of subject matter experts, strategic partners, and resource providers to provide our clients with the best expertise in the industry.

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